Skills and Know-How

Skills and know-how

For over twenty-five years, ACODESS has gained skills and experience at international level in many fields of health facilities master planning, strengthening of primary health care services, hospital strategic planning and governance, design of health sector and hospital investment plans.

Healthcare policy and master planning

ACODESS has developed expertise and know-how in the support to Ministries of Health, Regional and District Health Authorities in health policy planning and action plans for optimal use and functioning of healthcare facilities and services including:

  • Drawing-up of healthcare facilities master plans;
  • Definition of standards of services, facilities and equipment, associated with relevant governance and financial tools, in order to improve the population’s accessibility and equity (from geographical and financial perspectives) to healthcare services;
  • Design of healthcare networks at National and/or district levels, including location, services profiles, size, human resources, financial resources requirements and allocation (primary healthcare, secondary and tertiary hospital care, inpatient and outpatient services);
  • Strengthening of primary care services;
  • Strengthening of mother and child health, including emergency neonatal and obstetrical care;
  • Management of chronic diseases (oncology, cardio-vascular, diabetes, mental health, etc.)
  • Reinforcement of healthcare quality and safety standards according to best practice.

These different activities are developed by ACODESS teams taking into account the demographic and epidemiological profile of every country, as well as human resources, economic and financial constraints.

Hospital restructuring strategy, master planning and governance

ACODESS brings over twenty-five years of experience in hospital reforms, design and planning, rationalization and restructuring, organization and governance:

  • Support hospital reforms and planning;
  • Drawing-up of hospital master plans and restructuring strategies;
  • Elaboration of hospital strategic plans in its different components: medical activities and workloads, governance model and management tools, human resources assessment and development plans, investment projects, etc.;
  • Development of innovative hospital governance models in terms of decision-making, management procedures, structural and legal changes;
  • Support the development of sound hospital financial models and management procedures;
  • Hospital human resources adjustment/development plans;
  • Support hospital contractualisation process (internal and external);
  • Consulting services and advice to National Healthcare Authorities for the procurement of hospital projects as PPPs (legal and regulatory framework, required conditions, potential eligible projects for PPP procurement options, analysis of risks, opportunities and threats, financial and economic profitability analysis, value added identification, soundness of the investment, etc.

Appraisals, feasibility studies and projects assessment

ACODESS has developed expertise and know-how in the field of projects’ appraisals and assessment.

Prior to the start of a project, this expertise concerns due diligence or feasibility studies including the analysis of a project’s opportunity and rationale, strategic robustness, analysis of external and internal context, value added identification, financial and economic profitability in a given social and economic context with specific health needs.

ACODESS also carries out mid-term and retrospective assessments.

Design of health and hospital investment plans

ACODESS provides technical assistance and consulting services for the design of healthcare sector and hospital investment priorities and plans:

  • Definition of investment plans for improvement of healthcare and hospital infrastructures;
  • Forecasting and modelling costs (CAPEX and OPEX);
  • Drawing up of business plans and operational planning;
  • Economic appraisal (e.g. ERR, EAC, NPV, CBA, CEA, etc.).


The formulation and development of training plans constitutes another ACODESS’s domain of intervention:

  • Definition of training priorities and adapted pedagogical engineering;
  • Development of adequate pedagogical engineering and programmes;
  • Management of training activities (in situ and internships).